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30 Years of SNL’s First Season 30th Anniversary

30 Years of SNL's First Season 30th Anniversary

Megan Thee Stallion brings hot girl humor to ‘SNL’: See the best sketches from the first season of the show’s 30th anniversary


After over a decade of being a staple of SNL, the show’s first season 30th anniversary got under way on Wednesday, where it was filled with moments from a legendary sketch troupe and the first-ever female cast member to perform on a regular episode.

While the year has been all about celebrating both the originality and cultural importance of the sketch, the team behind the program have been keeping quite busy since airing in late 2013.

Here’s a guide to the memorable moments of the first season of SNL with its 30th anniversary:

‘SNL’ 30th anniversary

The Original Cast

For 30 years, Bill Murray as Dan Gaisberg and Fred Armisen as himself have been making the same jokes, parodying the same subjects. And in that 30 years and almost 900 episodes, the show’s cast has remained a constant.

That’s not surprising: Murray, Armisen and the rest of the initial cast have been close friends, with the entire cast of SNL working together on a weekly basis since 1969.

In 2014, Armisen took part in the first sketch hosted by Melissa McCarthy, and while in his second term, he was one of the final five candidates to take over as the show’s permanent host.

“We just spent a lot of time together over the years. I mean, we’ve been writing and rehearsing together since day one, and we just got into that thing pretty late in it,” he said.

“It’s pretty wonderful to be around the people who have been in it for 30 years. I think it’s a really special relationship that you kind of have out in the air,” he went on.

“I just got to keep this one for myself and for now.”

‘SNL’ 30th anniversary: The best sketches

1. ‘The Dumpster Fire’

Murray, Armisen, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen’s best friends, Bill Hader, Michael Che and MichaelCheny

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