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Alaska Democratic Party Recounts Alaska Municipal Election

Alaska Democratic Party Recounts Alaska Municipal Election

Democratic Rep. Frank Mrvan holds on to seat against Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green, 710 E 6th St., on the final day of the special election for Alaska’s 3rd Congressional District, a seat Mrvan first won in 2014.

Mrvan beat Green by 1,001 votes, or just under 1 percent. But the race was far closer than those reported in the media, where Mrvan was favored.

Mrvan campaign manager Ryan Cote said the race was closer because of underreported votes, absentee balloting and “a bunch of people showing up to vote but voting multiple times and never getting counted.”

In the final days leading up to election day, the Green campaign focused on raising money and collecting signatures with a goal of collecting enough to trigger a recount.

“The race for the 3rd District is not over,” Green campaign spokeswoman Anna Johnson said at a press conference Nov. 18. “A recount is not the answer to this campaign, but as a start, people can see that the race is not over.”

The Green campaign was one of just three that filed for a recount. They joined with three others: two Republican campaigns and one Democrat.

Green raised $8,000 last month — more than what was raised by the other campaigns combined and less than half the $40,000 that Republicans in the race raised.

Green campaign manager Anna Johnson said she and volunteers have made more than 2,000 calls as of Oct. 22.

They’re not the only groups looking for a recount after multiple campaigns and a runoff election ended with no winner.

In the Alaska Democratic Party’s special Election Day recount, candidates in the 4th District race were within 1 percent of each other, not enough to win outright.

The top three vote-getters in this special election were:

• Republican incumbent Don Young, with 49.01 percent;

• Republican challenger Ted Stevens, with 49.02 percent; and

• Democrat Mark Begich, with 48.90 percent.

Here is the complete and unofficial results of the Anchorage municipal election that ended with only two candidates for the mayor’s chair. The top two vote-getters will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot.

District 1

• Democrat Nancy Ochs and Republican Mark Wilson finished third, with 12.27 percent and 12.27 percent, respectively.

District 2

• Democrat Denny Meekins and Republican

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