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Bianca Andreescu Apologizes to Nike

Bianca Andreescu Apologizes to Nike

Bianca Andreescu gives Nike a dressing down at US Open before issuing apology

Bianca Andreescu says she is sorry. She also has to make peace with the damage she caused her company and herself.

After a particularly rough week for her company, the founder of the Andreescu group of companies issued a statement Monday afternoon.

“I am truly sorry for anything I or the company has done to hurt you,” Bianca Andreescu said. “It was never my intent. I have learned to accept the consequences of my decisions and actions and am willing to change. “

But she did it again — by apologizing to Nike.

It’s not a simple apology to make when you haven’t taken full accountability for what has happened. But after the statement, many of us were left with a clearer and firmer sense of what should have been said. And what was.

“The statement from Bianca Andreescu is a real breath of fresh air. Not many CEOs have the guts to really own up to what they’ve done wrong,” said one former employee. “Many CEOs have to make a lot of excuses for their poor decisions. Too late. This is what should have happened three years ago.”

“While I don’t believe that it’s necessary to apologize to Nike directly, I feel like a little personal atonement from the CEO of a major corporation. I feel like it’s part of an ongoing effort to rebuild trust with the company and its employees,” another former worker said.

More than the apology itself, though, I think the statement is the beginning of a healing and reestablishing of trust between these two companies.

While the apology in and of itself only makes matters worse for Nike, the statement was necessary. It’s the statement that gets at the truth of what Bianca Andreescu did, and how her actions affect the workers, the people who have come in contact with her, and the people who have invested their careers and the companies they founded.

For example, what was the thinking behind having the company, Andreescu + Comidas, put on one-sided signage that had very little room for criticism or for the company to offer support to Andreescu

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