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Camille Paglia: “No ‘traditional’ marriage. That’s not what I mean!”

Camille Paglia: "No 'traditional' marriage. That's not what I mean!"

Candace Cameron Bure blames media for blowback over ‘traditional marriage’ remark

A woman whose comments sparked outrage over “traditional marriage” caused a major backlash in one of the states where it was a hot topic Monday.

Camille Paglia, an author and cultural commentator, took to Twitter Monday evening to share an opinion piece that she titled, “No ‘traditional’ marriage. That’s not what I mean!”

The post generated almost 2,000 retweets and 2,600 likes by Monday night.

Paglia wrote: “The traditional marriage debate. That’s not what I meant.”

She then went on to write that “No one on the left wants a feminist revolution” and that while she didn’t “want to destroy traditional marriage, we can’t ignore that it’s a problem.”

“I’m just not comfortable with the word ‘traditional marriage,’ I like it,” Paglia wrote.

“I did not mean to hurt traditional marriage. What I meant is that we can’t be neutral between the two extremes.

“One side says: ‘You must destroy traditional marriage. There can be no compromise with our traditional society and we must build a new one that’s not traditional.’

“The other side says: ‘You must preserve traditional marriage. We can’t allow people to be happy with their current lifestyle. We’ve got to make sure that we’re not killing traditional marriage by making it a minority interest in our society.

“And I have to be neutral between those two extremes.

“If we say that the institution of marriage, that is already an institution that some people believe is outdated, then we have to say that it is not the natural order and that it’s an institution that needs to be destroyed, that people can be happy with the society that they live in.”

Paglia concluded with a call for people to think critically about the issue.

“I believe that we have to rejig our social structures,” she wrote. “We can’t say that everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a Nazi. We have to show people why we need to be so different.

“We need to look at things with a critical eye. We need to question what’s in their interest and what isn’t.”

Other social media users criticized Paglia’s

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