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Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Uganda announces lockdown as Ebola cases rise

Uganda is declaring a state of emergency, in an emergency meeting.

There will be a 24 hour lockdown in all cities.

The order is to deal with an outbreak of Ebola. More than a dozen health workers are known to have died in the epidemic.

There is an increase in cases in Mpondwe.

Uganda has been a focus of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa

The world is trying to find a treatment for Ebola, but the virus is not as easy to cure as the flu

We’ve got our first death from Ebola in Uganda

Uganda is not the only country with an outbreak of the Ebola virus that has spread to the other countries of the region.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it suspects that the virus has spread to at least 28 countries around the world.

Uganda has already reported cases of Ebola

The country’s health ministry says a family has died of the Ebola virus which is now spreading, and a further nine are being quarantined.

The country has reported cases of Ebola, including a man who died in quarantine, and the latest outbreak came in a family in the eastern town of Kyombe.

‘It is very concerning that there are still cases of Ebola in Uganda,’ said health minister Jane Habiluli.

‘Since we confirmed cases of Ebola in other countries, we have been following up on ways to isolate the family so that we can identify and control the spread. Ebola is a very complex infection that requires expert consultation.

Health workers said they were aware of at least 20 cases of the highly infectious virus in the country.

A woman died on Thursday morning in Mpondwe hospital

A team of UN peacekeepers had been working on a school in the town of Mpondwe and had been attacked.

The Ugandan government has said any child infected with the disease is likely to pass the virus on to his or her mother.

The school is being used as an isolation building for the family.

Uganda has also been criticised for the slow response to the outbreak,

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