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Gavin Newsom’s upcoming primary challenge is a test of his ability to defeat the state’s top law enforcement officer

Gavin Newsom's upcoming primary challenge is a test of his ability to defeat the state's top law enforcement officer

The race for California’s top cop focuses on abortion, gun control and crime control.

The latest installment of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ongoing and contentious crusade to be California’s governor is still three weeks away, when he will face off against former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in the state’s June primary election.

But already, he’s made his opponent an essential part of his national legacy by painting him as the most conservative candidate in this year’s Democratic primary — and one of the most vulnerable to a potential primary challenge.

Now comes the moment for which he has so far failed to prepare and has spent months publicly flailing: the first test of his ability to defeat the state’s top law enforcement officer in next year’s general election.

The Democratic and Republican candidates to replace outgoing Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2019 are already focusing on his record on issues from guns and abortion to crime control, and his potential vulnerabilities.

Garcetti’s campaign has released a campaign ad on his gun control record, while Newsom’s rival in the race, state Treasurer John Chiang, released a video on his opposition to abortion.

Both candidates have been joined by prominent Republicans in their opposition to Newsom, whose second term began with a public debate over his plan to expand California’s sanctuary state policy, which critics say would allow immigrants and undocumented people to avoid immigration law while committing a crime or getting arrested.

“We have been through these divisive political times. Let’s set aside politics and get something done,” Newsom said in his first news conference since July, when he announced the contentious sanctuary state rule.

“We’re going to fix California,” he said. “But my responsibility is to fix California.”

Garcetti is airing a new TV ad accusing Newsom of protecting illegal immigrants and giving them free healthcare, his latest attack on the governor based on his opposition to a proposed sanctuary state policy that would limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Newsom, who says he opposes the policy as a matter of principle, is criticizing Garcetti

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