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I Don’t See a Doctor

I Don't See a Doctor

Letters to the Editor: Do yourself a favor — call your doctor ‘Doctor.’ A physician explains why he’s prescribing certain drugs, says why a particular drug helps, etc. Why is it always ‘Doctor’? I would think your doctor would understand that you’ve been trying to make an appointment to see him but he’s not calling you. I know the majority of people just call a’real’ doctor, like my dad, and he will get to you within 15 minutes, but they aren’t your doctor. Why call your real doctor when you can call the ‘Doctor’ who knows a lot more than he does?

I will admit that we are all getting sick of it but here is the problem; we have seen doctors who do not want to take the time to see us. Then there are those like me who come from other states and need to see a doctor in Missouri.

Let me tell you something; when I see your picture in the paper, I don’t see a doctor. I think, “I better get to the doctor to find out what is going on.” When I talk to him, he tells me, “I think you’re just having a bad cold, there’s nothing wrong with this picture. I think you just have a bad cold. I’ll take care of you. There is nothing wrong with you.” As the years go by and my picture is in the paper, I will get sicker and sicker and have to go in, get a prescription for something and I find out I have a tumor that will have to be taken out.

The doctors are more interested in what I will do with my money than what I can do for myself.

I am not on any medication. I don’t know of anything wrong with me. I think I just don’t understand the doctor’s attitude.

I want to be treated like other people, like the person down the street at the grocery store. I want to talk to a doctor and make a report to a doctor and he will see me in a week and take my temperature and do a physical and that is it.

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