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Michael Bloomberg isn’t doing this for the right reasons

Michael Bloomberg isn't doing this for the right reasons

Kevin de León refuses to resign. What happens to his constituents? We speak to a state representative whose constituents are calling for impeachment. What happened to Michael Bloomberg, a very wealthy man?




Originally published on June 4, 20196:07 pm

Michael Bloomberg did not show up to town hall in San Francisco yesterday, which was his last stop in the country before leaving for New York to join the Trump administration. But it isn’t because he’s unhappy about being out of the country.

It’s because his wife, Anne, asked him to step down.

“I have to be honest with you,” Bloomberg told a local audience at a town hall last night, “Anne and I have decided to pull back a little bit and let the process play out. We’re not ruling out the possibility of continuing to serve as governor on an interim basis, but you’ll be getting a better sense of that as the process plays out.”

Bloomberg has been getting increasingly agitated that his wife is pushing him to resign. He didn’t quite say so in the town hall, but he did tell the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s “not doing this for the right reasons.”

The Chronicle reports that Anne decided a year ago — as he was going around the country announcing his run for mayor — that he needed to be more personally involved in the decision. His campaign spent $80 million on advertising, and he was the state’s second most visited public official.

“They’ve got to be thinking, ‘It’s not us, he’s got to be thinking maybe it’s him,'” Bloomberg told the paper.

That would likely be the case if he’s truly unhappy with his wife’s request. On the other hand, it’s possible that Anne is doing this for the right reasons.

The Chronicle says a number of officials in the state’s political institutions are pushing for the impeachment of

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