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Mountain Lions Kill Dogs in Hollywood Hills

Mountain Lions Kill Dogs in Hollywood Hills

Mountain lion nabs, kills leashed dog in Hollywood Hills

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LOS ANGELES (WGHP)–A mountain lion allegedly snatched a leashed dog in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood while its owner was out of town.

A woman posted video to YouTube showing a mountain lion, possibly a brown female, eating what appears to be a dog off the ground in an alley behind her home. She said the mountain lion then attacked the dog. The woman told ABC she heard screaming but it was unclear if anyone was still living in the house where she and her children were when the attack occurred.

The video was posted Wednesday night after the woman said it was posted on YouTube and later taken down after receiving messages of concern from neighbors. She said the video has been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

The woman said one of her three dogs was on a leash when the mountain lion approached.

“The mountain lion had already killed the other dog when I was out of the house at the time when this happens. No one was home,” she said.

The woman told ABC she believed the mountain lion was a coyote because its coat is more orange and the lion’s coat is more brown.

The Los Angeles Zoo says the mountain lion was captured on July 15 and is being held with other mountain lions captured near Griffith Park. Animal Control is investigating.

The Mountain Lion Task Force was formed as part of the Department of Fish and Wildlife to reduce the number of mountain lions in Southern California.

In a statement, Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) said, “In the weeks following the death of the California mountain lion, we are committed to protecting Southern California from the effects of this invasive species. Through the Mountain Lion Task Force, we are working to take advantage of the fact that mountain lions are highly elusive and often appear in large numbers before they pose a threat to humans. The

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