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Shelley Duvall to star in A Quiet Place

Shelley Duvall to star in A Quiet Place

Shelley Duvall returns: ‘The Shining’ scream queen books first acting gig in 20 years

The movie, the story of a young psychiatrist who suffers his father’s death on a trip to the Colorado Rockies, revolves around a family’s attempt to cope with that tragedy.

It has been 20 years since Shelley Duvall made her feature film debut, on a TV series called The Practice.

Now, the 35-year-old actress is returning home to star in A Quiet Place, the first movie to be adapted from Stephen King’s horror masterpiece The Shining, which was nominated for two Oscars in 1982 for best actress in a supporting role (Toni Collette), best actress in a leading role (Diane Keaton), best adapted screenplay and best original screenplay.

She is co-starring with Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, who played the iconic psychopath Jack Torrance. In the past, Duvall has had a number of memorable roles in television and film, including the 1990 TV movie A Soldier’s Sweetheart, and the short-lived TV series Difficult People, in which she played opposite Michael Caine.

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I know the story. I know the characters

In her first movie role in 20 years, Duvall plays Nancy, a character with whom the audience has grown to identify.

The film follows her attempts to pull together an intimate gathering of the Torrance family after the death of Nancy’s father.

I really get to bring something to the table

Duvall said she found herself enjoying playing the tormented, tortured Nancy more and more as she learnt more about the series of events that led up to her father’s death, and the family’s attempt to cope with the shock and confusion.

“I felt really comfortable in what I was doing, and I felt like I got so much of

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