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Terence N’Santi’s Afrobeats Story

Terence N’Santi’s Afrobeats Story

How Afrobeats has become an unstoppable musical force after just one year

The year of Afrobeats ended with a bang when the young artist Terence N’Santi (also known as P-Money), made a name for himself as a major radio sensation and went on to feature on a list of music’s biggest artists.

His first Afrobeats hit, “Jerk Off,” which peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, was followed by the number one Billboard 200 hit by “I Miss You,” and the number two single “Don’t Take Her Life.”

In addition, he was the subject of the 2013 Pepsi commercial campaign featuring him performing “Shy Boy.”

But N’Santi never intended to continue with his successful Afrobeats project. When he began working on it, he was just a part of a few other radio stations’ Afrobeats-popular shows that broadcast different genre of music.

“At first, I was just doing a couple of tracks on the Afrobeats show, and I wasn’t expecting anything else,” he said. “I was just playing a few of my own tracks and adding a bit of the other artists’ to it. I was just doing a little something for my friends.”

Then came the unexpected break-through: N’Santi found his voice on Afrobeats.

“I just found that as much as I was playing music when I was doing the Afrobeats show, it was at that time when I wanted to be the biggest singer or the biggest artist. I wanted that because I was playing music in my room and I didn’t want it to stop for a second. I wanted to be that big. I found my big break when I was doing the Afrobeats show,” he said.

What was N’Santi’s success in Afrobeats had more to do with his ability to perform Afrobeats himself and how he

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