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The Smell Club: The Comedy Store’s Secret Theater

The Smell Club: The Comedy Store’s Secret Theater

The Comedy Store is rumored to be haunted. So we went ghost hunting with the pros.


It’s been nearly two months since the Comedy Store suffered a terrible, terrible, terrible tragedy.

On April 13th, 2011, a fire broke out in a popular West Hollywood nightclub packed with celebrities and other hipsters. The Comedy Store building caught fire and a portion of the club was destroyed. The owner of the Comedy Store told Gizmodo back in February that the building wasn’t safe to occupy, so he immediately converted the space into The Smell Club.

The Smell Club was a sort of club-within-a-club that opened to the public in the aftermath of the fire. The Smell Club’s second floor is a sort of a “secret theater” that hosts theatrical performances and has a theater-within-a-theater that hosts plays using props that look like they were left by the star of the play. The Smell Club even had its own stage for improv, stand-up, sketch comedy and music. It was so secret that the club didn’t even have an official name, though Gizmodo did find out that Smell Club was the name of the building and also used by some of the club’s patrons.

So it seemed like the theater-within-a-theater was a safe enough space. Still, a lot of people were nervous about going to the Smell Club. That’s because at the time, the Comedy Store was still reeling from the fire — the venue’s phone service had been shut down for days, and the club was suffering a severe cash shortage. They were running on the fumes from the fire.

Gizmodo has confirmed through a spokesman at the time that one customer was in tears from the loss of her mother at the night’s opening event. She said she couldn’t go to the Comedy Store because she was too upset over losing her mother at the same time

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