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Why Are Political Texts So Pervasive?

Why Are Political Texts So Pervasive?

Fed Up With Political Text Messages? Read On.

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping our country these days, one that’s a far cry from our traditional political debates. Political text messages have swept our nation’s attention as they have many other things lately.

But, for the most part, not many people even understand what they are, let alone how they work. According to text messages, it’s all about two people texting and swapping messages on their phones to “connect” to the other. Whether it’s someone sending their partner flowers (or something they don’t understand) or some hot-blooded political debate, the bottom line is that text messaging has become a big deal in our lives.

It’s not a game, to put it plainly. It’s a method of reaching your loved ones. But you would never know it, as the political text message has taken center-stage as a hot button issue for many Americans.

Political text messages have become a real threat to the security of our elections. There is so much wrong with using your phone to send political messages that it’s hard to know where to start.

Political text messages have become “an extremely popular tool for political manipulation and voter suppression,” according to the ACLU. So how exactly are political text messages so pervasive? The simple truth is that they’re everywhere.

As they are a convenient, and seemingly safe method of communication, political text messages have become a major part of the modern age. And while they have their place, we do have to be honest with ourselves regarding the risks that they pose.

What Is Political Texting?

Political text messages are nothing more than “text messages that are political in nature,” according to the ACLU.

They are basically a quick way for two people to exchange messages to “connect” with at another point in time. Whether it’s to let a friend know your new love or to help an old friend keep in touch, that’s the point of them.

They are so common in our lives that it would be difficult to consider them a form of political speech if they weren’t. And if we’re going to be honest about them, it would be

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