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Will Smith and Tyler Perry Share a Unique Bond

Will Smith and Tyler Perry Share a Unique Bond

Rihanna, Dave Chappelle and Tyler Perry support Will Smith at private screening of his new film ‘Emancipation’

Tyler Perry and Will Smith are two of the most successful film actors of all time, but they both share a unique bond.

Smith is part of the biggest black pop culture phenomenon of all time, Will Smith is the guy who can make black people laugh in the face of anything thrown at them. But if you speak to either, you’ll quickly realize they’ve always been extremely close.

You’ll hear stories about how Smith became enthralled with Perry and how Perry took it upon himself to introduce Smith to the world.

Smith recently took to social media to express his gratitude for Perry’s support of the actor. Perry posted a photo that included Smith’s co-star Rihanna. The two stars share a laugh with Perry’s photo in the caption.

Smith also shared a brief video that included Perry and Chappelle. The video was taken by Chappelle and shot at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on New York City’s East Village.

Rihanna posted her own video with Chappelle in the caption of her Instagram post.

But Chappelle didn’t exactly hide his feelings about the video.

In the caption he wrote: “The time will come when the black man who is the #1 voice of change is a man who has helped spread knowledge for his survival.”

Chappelle also added: “I’m going to send my family out here to see this movie… This movie is going to change my life.”

The film ‘Emancipation’ premiered the same weekend Smith’s new film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ opened in theaters.

Smith, who is best known for his role in the 2012 film ‘I’m Jealous,’ will next appear in the film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’


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Will Smith and Tyler Perry to support Will Smith at private screening of his new film ‘Emancipation’

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