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The New Creed III Trailer Has Arrived

The New Creed III Trailer Has Arrived

‘Creed III’ trailer features Michael B. Jordan in fighting shape as Adonis and other characters make their way back to Earth.

“Creed” fans who were eagerly awaiting the re-emergence of the original trailer on October 10 are going to be very happy to learn that the ‘Creed III’ trailer featuring Michael B. Jordan in fighting shape as Adonis was released online a few days earlier. The new trailer is definitely impressive and shows that this film looks like it has come a long way from the first one.

The trailer features a little bit of everything, from a new take on the ending to the return of the original Creed as well as the introduction of other characters such as Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis – the new man on Earth with an equally impressive physique. The trailer introduces the new character ‘Eliza’ (Alison Pill), a human in a human body, who looks to unite humanity and Adonis’ spirit by way of her own version of the Creed.

The trailer also introduces Adonis’ new girlfriend Rachel (Shailene Woodley). Rachel, who is seen holding Adonis’ hand, is a doctor and appears to really care about her boyfriend. The new trailer also mentions the return of the original Creed, who is played by Chad Michael Murray. Adonis appears to be missing so Michael B. Jordan and Chad Michael Murray step in as the original Creed and Creed II respectively.

“The new trailer confirms that ‘Creed III’ looks like a more grown up, darker and edgier version of the first one, and is definitely an improvement over the first one,” said our source.

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